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Hi I am new and need advice please.
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Author:  lalocajgb [ Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Hi I am new and need advice please.

Hi, my name is Jeanette and I am new here. I wanted to ask you guys what type of orchid would be suitable for a beginner who has not purchased one yet? I had my eyes on a phal bellina, but was told by a friend/YouTube guru to start more inexpensive and to get experience first by trying an orchid that is close to that type like a regular phal for my first orchid. What do you guys think? I will be attending the next June 11th meeting. Hope to meet some of you there. Thanks and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Author:  maria [ Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi I am new and need advice please.

Hi Jeanette,

Welcome to the forum! Hope you were able to attend the June 11th meeting and auction.

With regards to purchasing your first Phalaenopsis orchid, I think the broader question is whether to purchase a "species" or "hybrid" Phalaenopsis. A species orchid is one that is found in nature, even if artificially propagated. A hybrid orchid has 2 or more parents in its background. In general, hybrids are said to be easier to grow due to "hybrid vigor" which hopefully gives the hybrid plant the BEST of all parents in its background. A hybrid might be more rewarding for you as a first orchid since it will generally bloom more frequently and for longer periods of time. The benefit of growing a species orchid is that you can research exactly where it comes from and follow the cultural conditions for that location. Phalaenopsis bellina (you have good taste!) happens to be a species orchid from Borneo. It blooms in the summer and will rebloom on the same flower spike for multiple years.

If you have your heart set on a bellina, I wouldn't discourage you. Just do your homework and it will flourish.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.

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