The Long Island Orchid Society meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month.

Knights of Columbus, Joseph Barry Council 2520
45 Heitz Place, Hicksville, NY 11801

(The venue is approximately a 10 to 12 minute walk [0.6 mile] from the LIRR Hicksville Station)



Culture Corner is at 7:30 pm (except when noted) and the meeting starts at 8:00 pm sharp.

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2021 Calendar

January 14 LIOS Meeting
Virtual Speaker: Sergio Garcia, Olompali Orchids
Topic: Laelia purpurata

Located in Bolinas California, the Pacific Ocean blows fog and cool breezes over Western Marin County, California, and the orchids of the Long Island Orchid Society’s next speaker, Sergio Garcia of Olompali Orchids.

With long standing, established connections and partnerships with some of the finest growers in Brazil, South America and the larger orchid growing community, Sergio Garcia cultivates some of the finest plants available, in some of the world’s best conditions. The results speak for themselves, his show quality plants have won numerous awards.
Mr. Garcia grows orchids because, as he puts it, the interest is a “peaceful activity that is good for the soul and inspiring to the mind.” As a result, it is not surprising that he demonstrates real concern for green sourcing and protection of the environment. Many of his orchids have been in collections for generations, but his hybrids include plants which are the latest in crossings.

Known specifically for his outstanding collection of Cattleyas, Laelias and related genera, Mr. Garcia turns his attention to one of the Genus’ most spectacular examples next Thursday evening. Laelia purpurata is a stunning and popular species originally from Brazil. There are few orchid growers who haven’t seen at least one of its many cultivars, flammeas, albas, carneas, even striated examples can be purchased relatively easily. Useful in hybrids, but wonderful as a species of its own right, there are dozens of well-known varieties. The plants are durable, and floriferous if just a few cultural tips are followed through the year.
Join Long Island Orchid Society and Mr. Sergio Garcia on Thursday, January 14th, as he explores the beauty and culture of this outstanding South American Species. —David Taft
February 11 LIOS Meeting
Virtual Speaker: Trey Sanders, The Genus Dendrochilum
Topic: Dendrochilum

Some orchid species get all the glory.
Cattleyas certainly comes to mind, the big frilly, fragrant corsage orchids so familiar to hobbyists and prom attendees of a certain age. Even Catasetums, and Miltonias have their die-hard devotees. But Dendrochilums?

Mention them, and eyes glaze over. In the past you were lucky if some species-fan might pityingly reply: “Aren’t those the ‘chain’ orchids with those teeny, tiny, little flowers?” Increasingly though, knowing growers nod… after all, good things come in small packages. The truth is, Dendrochilum is a large and varied genus, ranging from miniatures measuring mere inches tall to Cymbidium sized space-hogs; from plants which superficially resemble a clump of grass to broad-leaved, perfumed, showstoppers.

Trey Sanders is a self-professed Dendrochilum fan and a native Australian, transplanted to England as a young adult. In fact, he has amassed one of the largest collections of Dendrochilum orchids in private hands. These orchids share three greenhouses with closely related Coelogyne species, various Pleurothallids, and a collection of Angraecoids. By his own estimates over 400 Dendrochilums reside under the protection of his greenhouses, representing about 56 species, some as yet unidentified, and 6 which represent species which have yet to be taxonomically described.

Besides founding and now redesigning, a website dedicated to the genus, Mr. Sanders is currently in the process of writing a field guide to this intriguing genus, which will include distribution maps and notes regarding these species’ identification.

Join the Long Island Orchid Society on Thursday, February 11 at 7:30 pm as we welcome Trey Sanders and his exploration of the fascinating genus “Dendrochilum.”— David Taft

March 11 LIOS Meeting
Virtual Speaker: Gustavo Aguirre, Orquideas Katia
Topic: Colombian Orchids

Eventually, orchid fans who are interested in the outrageously beautiful world of Colombian native orchids, find their way to the website of Orquideas Katia. Unassuming and perpetually positive, Gustavo Aguirre is the proprietor and caretaker of hundreds of orchids which he cultivates in a variety of outdoor settings not far from their native environs near Medellin Colombia. Gustavo has been documenting and studying the native orchids of Colombia for decades.

Committed not just to orchids, but also their conservation, Gustavo not only cultivates and sells native Colombian orchids (and a few select hybrids), he presents numerous educational programs, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Colombian Orchid Society. His photographs and descriptions of plants have appeared in numerous publications.

Long Island Orchid Society members may recall Gustavo’s unfortunate wranglings with the vagaries of shipping plants from his native Colombia to the suburban wilds of Long Island. Some of us who ordered plants for delivery to the Long Island Orchid Society Festival recall his steadfast but ultimately unsuccessful efforts to track down boxes of plants in time for the show. His dedication, and tenacity was eventually rewarded, but weeks after the festival had ended. Several society members got their plants after Gustavo single handedly was able to retrieve them from shipping limbo.

To look through Gustavo’s catalog of select Cattleya cultivars, endless Pleurothallids, colorful Maxillarias, and more, is like a trip through the orchid looking-glass. Don’t miss the chance to order some of his well-grown and responsibly raised orchids. A joint society order is being prepared, and spring is a great time to ship plants. Details are available in this newsletter.

Join the Long Island Orchid Society on March 11 to welcome Gustavo Aguirre of Orquideas Katia as he dives into the Care and Culture of Colombian Orchids.— David Taft
April 8 LIOS Meeting
Virtual Speaker: Patricia Harding, Author: Huntleya and related genera
Topic: Huntleyas

At our April 8th Meeting Patricia Harding will be speaking on the Huntleya clade, a group of orchids covering the genera Huntleya, Pescatorea, Stenia, Kefersteinia, and Chondrorhyncha, among others. She wrote the book, Huntleya and related genera, November 2008, Timber press, that covered the known species of the group at that time, and there have been very few additions to the list since that time. She will share some of her work along with many pictures, stories, and cultural advice for this group.

Patricia lives in Oregon. She and her husband used to travel a lot, often being home only 6 weeks at a time. She has been fortunate to have found orchid friends all over the world that love going out and finding orchids in their native habitat. That all stopped last year, but she is hopeful, as is everyone.

She has been growing orchids for over 35 years with mixed success, just like everyone else. Her collection had been having troubles in the last few years. She can proudly say that since being confined to home for a year, giving daily care to her orchids, that she has found she can actually grow orchids. Amazing how taking care of them actually works! She also has an extensive garden which has made being at home very rewarding, seeing things bloom that she has missed for years.

Please see next page for more info on Patricia Harding's book.
Available on Amazon:
May 13 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Greg Griffis
Topic: 12 Orchids Everyone Should Grow

Thursday the 13th at 8pm Join us as we welcome our first in person speaker in over a year: Greg Griffis of Longwood Gardens will explore a dozen orchids that are common in cultivation that you can grow at home.
Greg Griffis first became aware of orchids in 2009. He first heard about them through a college friend, who had always admired orchids. Studying at West Chester University, from which he graduated with a degree in Music Education, put him in close proximity to Longwood Gardens. He attended the
2010 Longwood Orchid Show where he purchased his first orchid.
One plant quickly became twenty or so, and before long he was hooked. In 2010 he visited Parkside Orchid Nursery for the first time, and by Summer 2011 he was working part time for Tom Purviance and John Salventi. He studied under their tutelage while working for them, and when they sold the nursery in 2012, he was hired by the new owners as the Grower and Manager of Parkside Orchid Nursery. He managed Parkside for one year, before leaving to grow orchids in Hawaii.
He worked for Hilo Orchid Farm for more than a year, spending a large amount of time working with Paphiopedilum, as well as Intergeneric Oncidiinae and Miltoniopsis. At the beginning of 2015 Greg began working as the orchid grower at Longwood Gardens. There he grows all of the major genera of orchids, and has been part of cultivating a collection of terrestrial orchids from around the world, as well as many other rare and unusual orchids.
  Long Island Orchid Festival 2021

Cancelled for 2021

Though Planting Fields Arboretum is not scheduling events for this year the LIOS Long Island Orchid Festival is on
for June 3, 4, & 5th 2022.

June 10 LIOS Meeting
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